Our story

Making social media an effective connector between brand and consumer

Social media isn’t the Internet. The DNA of the networks we use place content and experience at the heart of users’ attention. Brands need to win this attention. To do so, advertising must be done differently on social media, placing innovation at the center of content strategies and uniting platforms to offer an integrated experience. This is what we do at tigrz.agency.

Our social ads are designed as a necessary experience to connect with qualified audiences. Brands need to pay constant attention to the relevance of their content. Identifying key audiences and understanding their expectations, scripting content, defining relevant KPIs and implementing measurement are all essential steps to creating relevant social experiences and generating real results.

Identifying and properly embracing the uniqueness of social networks requires the addition of sharp skills (data, tech, media, content).

As a vertical agency, we ensure tigrz is the number one expert by focusing on social. Our agency is also the story of a team, whose founders come from large multimedia agency backgrounds, with the knowledge to link social to traditional channels (TV, Radio, OOH, etc.). Finally, tigrz.agency is a part of Labelium, an international leader in digital marketing and expert in designing and multiplying gateways to Google, Amazon and other channels.

At tigrz.agency, we wish to create direct and long-lasting relationships between brands and their consumers. Relationships that benefit everyone. Let’s change the way we do social media and make it work.

Our expertise

We cater for the entire Social Media value chain through strategic consulting and with a multimedia vision, content expertise and ROI in mind.


Assess your activity to identify opportunities. tigrz provides data, media and content audits as well as plans to optimise your results.

Strategic Consulting

Build integrated social strategies across media, data and content to connect with your target audience and generate results.

Media buying

Operate your social media campaigns. tigrz has an experienced trading desk and uses leading solutions to optimise campaigns across all social networks.

Content Design

Build content strategies to generate the results you want on target audiences. tigrz also offers support in content creation and influencer marketing.

Data Management

Build, organise and mobilise your social data. tigrz offers advice on how to optimise your social media insights, action plans for putting this advice to use and measuring methods to help assess your performance.


Become a tiger in the jungle of social media. tigrz offers training programmes specifically designed to help upskill your teams and meet their needs.

tigrz.agency & Labelium Group

Open the

walled gardens

tigrz.agency is backed by Labelium’s extensive expertise in digital performance. The group promises Social integration by connecting Social networks with other digital channels.

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